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How to Breed Koi Fish for Sale

Koi is an ornamental species of fish that’s both valuable and beautiful. If you want to breed the fish for profit, you need careful consideration and special resources to have a profit business. The most important thing is to let quality koi fish grow so huge so they can fetch good money. For example, to get the most out of you koi, aim to raise Sansai, also called the third-year koi fish, which fetches a better price than Nisai, the second-year koi.

What you need
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To start raising koi fish, you need a pond that contains around 4-6 feet of water. In addition, you need water supply as well as a filtration and aeration system to make sure the water’s perfect for raising koi.
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You can begin with just a couple of small, quality fish that will reproduce to increase your stock. To add more fish over time, use a quarantine system like a tank to separate new koi from established ones until you’re sure the new fish don’t have diseases that can spread to others. To harvest your koi for sale, you need specially made nets for holding them. You need plastic bags or bowls to move the koi to new owners.

Feeding and taking care of your koi

Once you’ve started your koi rearing project, feeding them is the dearest part of the project. You must feed the fish well because raising healthy, growing fish is essential for making good profits. If you’re breeding young koi, their food should always contain about 40{72847820389d8b4178420f6fc5b97b012692a0eea273fff35db5303168f271b7} zooplankton proteins. As your koi get older, they will need less protein. When your pond water gets much colder during colder months, koi will eat less food. This will help to control your expenses.

How to find buyers

One method of selling your fish is to offer them to dealers at a wholesale price so they mark up their prices and sell at retail prices. They can sell to hobbyists and those who want to buy koi for their decorative pond. Another method is to sell the fish directly to consumers at retail rates. You may ship the fish, but you will need to provide sufficient oxygen with the water and move them overnight. Therefore, selling them online is another option.

Pricing your koi fish

Determining your koi fish price starts with understanding what aesthetic aspects dictate price. CNN money says that prices of koi can range from as little as 15 dollars to 5000 dollars. Some of the things that determine koi fish prices include skin quality, body shape, pattern and color of each fish. If you breed show-quality koi fish, you can expect to make more money than if they were smaller or younger.