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Useful Guide when Choosing the Right School Record Boards

School Record Boards are important as they act as a good communication tool as well as a place where school performance records or any other vital school information is displayed for everyone to see. Students, visitors, teaching and non-teaching staff can see what is recorded on the school record boards. When school performance is recorded on the boards, it lifts the student’s moral to work even harder. They come in different sizes and shapes. The many types of boards available in the market can be confusing when trying to choose the right board for the school. Here is a guide to help when choosing the best school record board for your school.

Choose the right school record board for your school, depending on several circumstances such as the location of the school, the place where the board will be mounted or placed, etc. One kind of board is a slide-in board. They are easy to use as you only need to insert a strip containing the new record or pull the old one when you need to change the record. They are therefore considered easy and flexible. You will, however, require to frequently purchase the strips for change. It has its cons though, it is recommended for use indoors only. If the board is to be used outside, the records are easily destroyed by water in case it rains, or high humidity making it hard to pull the stripes for replacement.

When choosing the school record boards, consider the information that will be displayed on the board. If your records are many, choose a bigger board and vice versa if the records are not too many. Frequency of change of records is also a dictating factor. You can choose the manual boards where records are put manually if you frequently change the records. With this, choose the boards where you can easily input the records with writing material and delete immediately for change.

Another important point to consider is the material that has been used to make the boards. Choose a board manufactured with long-lasting material to ensure the boards last longer and save on the school budget. Talk to some of the experienced suppliers such as Sports Board for advice on the best school record boards.

When looking for a record board, it will be ideal to consider incorporating your school color theme and logo on the board for the sake of harmony. The changeable strips should also match with the board color and be clear enough. Match the colors if the school has more than one color. Your school logo and motto can also be displayed on the top of the board, and the colors shaded on the board frame.

It is also important to consider the cost of the boards. To save on the costs especially if the boards will be shipped from sellers overseas, consider purchasing the boards in bulk. Some can be stored for future use as their lifespan is long if you choose the right quality boards. Bear in mind the allocated school budget and other costs.

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